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Sermorelin benefits

Peptide therapy benefits – what is Sermorelin

Aging in both sexes is associated with progressive declines in hormones and negative effects on energy, strength, sleep, mood, libido and weight. Learn about the benefits of anti-aging peptide therapies, like Sermorelin, and check out a testimonial and brief video from a TeleWellnessMD™ client. Anti-aging peptide therapy, including Sermorelin, can help correct hormone imbalances and reduce symptoms of aging including: increased energy and mental focus; enhanced sex drive; improved bone density, skin elasticity, muscle tone and stamina; thicker, fuller hair; lower body fat and cholesterol levels; less wrinkles; decreased joint and muscle pain.

Growth Hormone (GH)

As we age, our skin loses elasticity and becomes wrinkled and loose, we gain fat and lose both muscle and bone mass. All of this is largely due to the decrease in Growth Hormone (GH).

Optimizing the production and secretion of GH can be a great addition to any fitness regimen or wellness program.

Growth Hormone Releasing Hormones (GHRH) can help your body increase production of its own GH and repair and rejuvenate itself over time.


Peptides occur naturally in the body and are present in every living cell. Like proteins, peptides are composed of amino acids and created when two or more amino acids are joined together. There are 20 different amino acids in the human body and mixing different combinations is what creates the various peptides and proteins in the body. All peptides will have some effect on the cells of the body. Different types of peptides influence different types of cells. Peptide therapies help the body fight certain illnesses and diseases.м


Sermorelin is a Growth Hormone Releasing Hormone (GHRH) that is produced by the pituitary gland and is necessary for normal growth and development. Sermorelin acetate is comprised of 29 amino acids and is a synthetic formulation that stimulates the release of GH. This peptide promotes healthy function of the pituitary (the gland responsible for our body’s production of GH) and supports keeping these levels optimal.

Sermorelin therapy can provide a host of benefits and has shown to be a powerful option in the area of disease management and anti-aging medicine.

Benefits of Sermorelin  

  • Increases natural production of Growth Hormone (GH)
  • Increases energy and vitality
  • Increases development of lean muscle
  • Improves strength, endurance, physical performance and workout recovery
  • Reduces fat through lipolysis
  • Improves quality of sleep and helps combat insomnia
  • Increases IGF-1 levels
  • Accelerates wound healing and recovery
  • Improves mental function
  • Enhances calcium retention and bone density
  • Improves immune function
  • Strengthens the heart
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